Thursday, August 29, 2013


Man I love doing giveaways! This is a giveaway of my favorite brands, (along with a few other things) such as: Maybelline, Wet n Wild, Mary Kay, etc. Here is what the giveaway will include, if you win:

* One simple pleasures Shimmering Lip Gloss

* One Cookie Lee Jewel Bobby-pin

* One essence Colour & Go nail polish, #17

* One Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil, Pixie, #130

* One Maybelling Define-A-Line Eyeliner, #801, ebony black

* One Mary Kay (sample size, .42 oz) Satinhands fragrance-free hand softener
I know! Way better stuff than my last giveaway... ;)

A lovely picture of all of the items above...-Like my backdrop?-
Now, you're probably wondering how you can win this. Well, for awhile, I've wanted to change the name of my blog, and focus more on makeup and beauty, but I don't want to change the actual "address"; so I want to change the name. Here's the part I need help with: choosing a new name! Send me your idea for the new name at The giveaway will be open until Sept. 3, 2013. Whoever has the best name, gets the giveaway stuff. I have a few names that I really like, so I might choose the name I have, but there will still be a winner. Hope this makes sense! I sadly don't have a nice little bag, so I'll mail the winner, or give it to them in person, (if possible!).

Friday, August 23, 2013

Makeup Update! Sort of...

Makeup Update time! Here's the cosmetic's I've used recently:

Wet n' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil, #130, "Pixie."Got this for $2 at Freddy's, and I guess it was worth it.... I loved the color, but when I put it on, it didn't show up well. But, I use it together with a different eyeshadow, and it looked very pretty. As long as you layer it, it'll work fine. Or, you could put eyeliner on, and than put this on top, to give the liner a shimmery look.
Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color, 928A "Pocketful of Roses". Very pigmented! It's around 3 dollars (at Walgreens). The only thing about it is the texture. It feels so weird on my lips! I hate the feeling! Some people might not care, but I really dislike the feeling of it on my lips, and it's kind of hard to get off. You could layer it with a lipstick, ( I haven't tried that yet) and I'm sure it would look beautiful. But alone, it makes your lips feel like they have gum stuck on them.

I love this! It's Wet n' Wilds' Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection, 738, "Comfort Zone." I've wanted to try this for a loooonnnnnggggg time, but I was afraid it would be horrible, but I finally bought it, 'cause it's only $5 at Fred Meyer! I tried it out, having low expectations for it, but then, I was surprise how well it works! Very pigmented, and true to color. Plus only $5! I'm totally getting this again, and I would very much recommend it to a friend. It's perfect for smoky eye.

That's all for this Makeup Update! P.S...... Doing a giveaway of my favorite brands, look for a post announcing it soon!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Sephora+Pinterest= Amazing!

Sephora has a Pinterest! And they have awesome tutorials! Down below are some of my favorite tutorials:
I have to try this!

Beauty How To: Natural Brown Matte 2 #sephoracollection #sephora #eyeshadow
We love Top Pinner Stephanie B.'s Subtle Cat Eye HOW TO. Try using #Sephora Collection PRO Angled Eyeliner Brush #15.  #GettheLook #Cateye @Stephanie Brinkerhoff
I have no idea why this is so big....

Beauty How To: Smoky Grey Mirror #SEPHORACOLLECTION #Sephora #eyeshadow #makeup

Pencil Skirts

I just realized that I haven't done a post on actual fashion for a long time! So I'm doing one on pencil skirts. I'm also thinking of changing the name of this blog to something else involving makeup... Any ideas?!?... Back to pencil skirts: They're really popular right now. I love them! I've been wearing a pencil skirt to church for probably the past 4 weeks... They just work with so many things! Here's some of my favorite pencil skirts from some of my favorite stores: (Target, Gap. Target especially has a lot of pencil skirts.) Sorry the pics are kind of blurry!

Merona® Women's Linen Pencil Skirt - Vibrant Yellowlabworks Women's Pencil Skirt w/Exposed Zipper - Black         Xhilaration® Juniors Ruched Pencil Skirt - Assorted Colors

Mossimo® Women's Refined Peplum Pencil Skirt - Assorted Colors  Mossimo® Women's Plus-Size Pencil Skirt - Black/Cream Mossimo® Women's Zipper Pencil Skirt - SolidsMossimo® Womens Ponte Peplum Skirt - Assorted Colors
1969 denim pencil skirt

Striped foldover pencil skirt                                                            

Eyeliner Reviews

Sorry I haven't been on here for awhile! I was at Great Wolf Lodge.Anyways, I was asked to post a review about some of the eyeliner I had in my last post--- My Rimmel London Special Eyes Precision Eye Liner Pencil, and Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. I tried out the Rimmel London Eye Liner, and compared it to my Maybelline Smoked Kohl Eye Liner, and I was not impressed. I'd heard the Rimmel London was a good brand, and I still think that, but I don't like this eyeliner. It hardly shows up at all, and it doesn't apply well. Here's pics of my Maybelline Eye Liner, and the Rimmel London Eye Liner. (I was lazy the day I took these pics, so all I'm wearing is the eyeliner, and the pics aren't very good quality....) 
Maybelline Smoked Kohl Eye Liner.

Rimmel London Eye Liner.
Did you see how the Rimmel London Eye Liner just seemed to fade away?... I'm not going to get this again... I also tried out the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, and it's great, except I lost the applicator, so I had to use the end of my Maybelline Smoked Kohl Eye Liner to apply it. But it's a great dark black, and it goes on very smoothly. I realized that I haven't done a Makeup Tip of the Week for a long time, so I'm just going to do one every once and a while, because I'm to behind to catch up...

Friday, August 2, 2013

What's in My Makeup Bag?

I've invented a new kind of post for beauty blogs. I think. Someone else probably has done this, but I've never seen it on any other blog. I call it: "What's in My Makeup Bag?" It's where I take pics of all my makeup, number them, and then post them, so people can see what I have, and see the reviews I write about them. So here's "What's in My Makeup Bag?".

Like my makeup bag? I made it myself!
1. Covergirl "Invisible" Concealer. I posted about this, and said that it was ok. But it's not.... It doesn't work at all. Don't buy it...

 2. Covergirl Cream (or Creme) Concealer. Really good concealer! I've had this for a  long time, and I still have some left! You can get it at Walmart for around 6 or 7 dollars.
3. Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation. It's a good foundation. I believe you can get it on Amazon or Ebay. My mom gave it to me, so I don't know the price.
4. Almay Smart Shade Blance Pressed Powder. I love this! It works great. Also got this from my mom, so I don't know how much it is, but it should be at Fred Meyer.
5.Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Good face lotion, was recommended from a friend. She also gave it to me, so, again, I don't know where you can buy it, or how much it is... :/
6. Elf Essential Eyeshadow Brush. I use it for applying powder, because it's a flat brush. You can get it at Walmart or online at

 7. Arbonne Triple Action Mascara. It's a good mascara, but I didn't like the applicator. It was huge! Other wise, it was really good. $30 online at the actually website, but I got it for a gift.
 8.Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. I used this a few time when I ran out of mascara, and I really liked it. At first. But than, it started to weigh down my lashes, and it just didn't work an more. But that's probably only because I have very "fragile" eyelashes, so if your eyelashes aren't like mine, I would totally recommend this. Or if they are like mine, use your normal mascara, and then layer this on top. It makes your eyelashes very dark. You should be able to get this on Amazon or Ebay.
 9. Maybelline Lash Stiletto. I love this! It works perfectly for my lashes. Good brush, good color. Get it at Bimart or Fred Meyer. (Bimart has a better price-- around 6.50)
 10. Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express. Got this from a friend, it weighed down my lashes too, but it would probably work fine if layered.
11.Maybelline Great Lash, Waterproof. Love it! It has the perfect brush, not to small, not to big. Next time  go to the store, I'm getting some of this, but not waterproof. Get it at Freddys for around 6.50.
 12. Maybelline Smoked Kohl Eye Liner. I use this for the upper part of my eye, on the water line. It makes my lashes look thicker and darker, and it also kind of frames your eyes, making them look more distinct. I got this from my mom, so I don't know where to buy it. Sorry :/
13. Essence kajai pencil. My first eyeliner. Really good price, (1-2.50!) but it rubs of very easily.
14. Rimmel London Special Eyes Precision Eye Liner Pencil. Just got this,haven't tried it out yet. It's 3-4 dollars, and it should be at Freddys.
 15. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. Had this for quite awhile, but forgot about it, so I haven't used this. But I have heard that it's a really good gel eyeliner. You can get it for around 7 dollars at Bimart.
16. Covergirl Eye Lash Curler. My one, old eye lash curler. It works fine, but it's probably so old it's discontinued!...
17. Wet n' Wild Walking on Eggshells Eyeshadow. Really pretty colors! Get it for 3-4 dollars at Fred Meyers.
18. Almay Intense i-color. I.Love.This!!! It's perfect for smoky eye! 7-8 dollars at Freddys, but totally worth it!
19. Souvenir Cosmetics Lipgloss (Sheer Stardust). I got this for Christmas from an aunt, but I don't know where she got it. I've tried looking it up online, but I couldn't find it. (At least on google!) It's a really pretty clear-slightly-orange-y lip gloss. Let is sit on your lips for a minute or two, and it looks really pretty.
20. Wet n' Wild Mega Slicks 577A. Got it from a friend, and it's really pretty.
21. Wet n' Wild 511B Nouveau Pink. Really peppy cute pink, but tone it down with some lighter lipgloss or lipstick. Get it for only 99 cents at Fred Meyers.
22. Wet n' Wild 505A Light Berry Frost. Look a lot like Nouveau Pink, but it's lighter. Same price and place as Nouveau Pink.
23. Maybelline 720 Pearly Pink. My first lipstick. Really pretty light sparkly pink. Get it at Freddys for 7 or 8 dollars. It's totally worth it. I use it with Nouveau Pink.
24. Revlon Matte 012 Sky Pink. Good matte lipstick. Also has a really cute pink color. I often use it with Pearly Pink. I got as a gift, so I don't know how much it is or where to get it, but it's probably at Fred Meyer for 5-7 dollars.
25. Blistex Fruit Smoothies Melon Medley. This is a great chapstick! I love the smell.
26. This is a chapstick I made, so just skip over it, 'cause you can't buy it anywhere... I don't know why I have it one here. Moving on.
27. Mary Kay Nourshine Lip Gloss 1K01 Berry Sparkle. Really pretty redish color, with a little bit of gold sparkle. As usual, I got this for a gift, so I don't know the price. Should be on Amazon or Ebay.
28. Wet n' Wild Coloricon Lip Liner 717 Berry Red/ Rouge Brique. It may look like a dark, ugly purple, put it's actually a bright red cherry color. It works well, and it was only 99 cents at Bimart! Some people say to match your lip liner with your lipstick and gloss, but sometimes it's fun to use a different color. It can look really pretty if you know what you're doing! I usually outline my lips, than fill them in with Berry Red, than put Light Berry Frost or Nouveau Pink, than put Pearly Pink on top of all of it. All of those together = really pretty pink lips. Whew! That took awhile. Next time, I'm just gonna do a makeup update..... no more what's in my makeup bag....