Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's been a loooonnnnngggg time...

Whew! I haven't actually had a large post on here for weeks! I've been super busy. Who isn't in summer?!?! I guess I'll do.....uhhh..... a makeup update! Here's the makeup I've tried recently:

  I got this, un-used, at a garage sale, for only 3 dollars! And I love it! It's perfect for smoky eye. Or my version of the smoky eye, which is applying one shade, than eventually having that shade turn into something else. I don't do eyeliner. You can get this for around 7 dollars at Fred Meyers. It's totally worth it!

     This is Wet n Wild "Walking on Eggshells." Really pretty colors! I normally use the shade labeled "eyelid." It's beautiful! I don't remember the price, but it was around 3-5 dollars at Fred Meyer. (Can you tell I like Fred Meyer?!?)

Maybelline "Smoky Kohl Eye Liner." Really good kohl eye liner.

Covergirl "Invisible Concealer." I just got this, and I've only tried it once. It's ok. I guess. I would probably buy this again, because it's a good price, and it's ok. It's at Fred Meyers for 4-5 dollars.

  Andrea Eye Q's Makeup Remover Pads, oil free. I really need some more makeup remover wipes, and I saw these, so I decided to try them. They work really well! I am totally going to get these next time I go to the store! They're at Fred Meyers (of course!) for 4 or 5 dollars. They're small and very thin, but they work extremely well. Plus, there's 65 in one container!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Makeup Tip of the Week

Rub vaseline into your cuticles and around your nails to keep nail polish from sticking to your cuticles! I have to try this sometime....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Makeup Tip of the Week

Here's the makeup tip of the week:

* For an easy lip plumper, soak a cinnamon stick in olive oil for two weeks. Apply cinnamon stick to lips, and ta-da! Super easy/cheap lip plumper!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Makeup Tip of the Week

I've decided to start a "Makeup Tip of the Week". Once (or twice) a week, I'll put up a nice makeup tip, such as: use lipstick for blush, and so on. I'm doing two right now, because I'll be gone basically all of next week, and I have no idea when I might have the chance to get on the computer. Anyways, here's the two makeup/health/beauty tips of the week!

* Tired of buying super expensive eyeshadow primer? Use chapstick as primer! It works great, you don't have to buy any more expensive primer, and it gives the eyeshadow a better color!

* Short, tiny lashes? Got a old mascara wand and tube hanging around? And some castor oil? Clean the wand and tube, and fill the tube with castor oil, and apply castor oil on eyelashes, once a day, for a week or two, and BAM! Long, thick eyelashes!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

I know, I know...... I said the giveaway would end on July 14th, but July is very,very,very busy for me, so you knows when I'd be able to come on the computer. Anyways, the winner! The giveaway winner is..........

Sierra Balazs! Good job! I'll give you your prize a.s.a.p. I'll probably do another giveaway, possibly next month....