Friday, August 23, 2013

Makeup Update! Sort of...

Makeup Update time! Here's the cosmetic's I've used recently:

Wet n' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil, #130, "Pixie."Got this for $2 at Freddy's, and I guess it was worth it.... I loved the color, but when I put it on, it didn't show up well. But, I use it together with a different eyeshadow, and it looked very pretty. As long as you layer it, it'll work fine. Or, you could put eyeliner on, and than put this on top, to give the liner a shimmery look.
Wet n' Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color, 928A "Pocketful of Roses". Very pigmented! It's around 3 dollars (at Walgreens). The only thing about it is the texture. It feels so weird on my lips! I hate the feeling! Some people might not care, but I really dislike the feeling of it on my lips, and it's kind of hard to get off. You could layer it with a lipstick, ( I haven't tried that yet) and I'm sure it would look beautiful. But alone, it makes your lips feel like they have gum stuck on them.

I love this! It's Wet n' Wilds' Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection, 738, "Comfort Zone." I've wanted to try this for a loooonnnnnggggg time, but I was afraid it would be horrible, but I finally bought it, 'cause it's only $5 at Fred Meyer! I tried it out, having low expectations for it, but then, I was surprise how well it works! Very pigmented, and true to color. Plus only $5! I'm totally getting this again, and I would very much recommend it to a friend. It's perfect for smoky eye.

That's all for this Makeup Update! P.S...... Doing a giveaway of my favorite brands, look for a post announcing it soon!


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