Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mascara and Concealer!

To me, two of the most important things in makeup are mascara and concealer. They help SO much! Mascara helps lengthen and darken your lashes, and concealer helps to cover up those un-wanted blemishes that basically everyone has. I believe in wearing concealer, but not always in putting it all over your face. (I'm kind more into not looking like a barbie! But, I'm not saying that other people look like barbies! But I, personally am not very good at putting concealer all over my face, and plus, I don't like using so much just for one day!) I only put it under my eyes, because I often have dark circles under my eyes. So, just for fun, I thought I'd put up a post about concealing. --- sorry for the crummy pics, I'm not much of a photographer-- Here's how I do my mascara and concealer:

Here's the concealer and foundation I use.

 Here's the stuff I use: one big puffy brush (any brand will do), one flat eyeshadow brush, and powder (I use Almay)

Here's what it looks like when you have nothing on.

Here, I've put the foundation on. You put foundation on the dark circle part, and a little around where your eyeshadow would stop. (Near the "point" of your eye.)

Now the concealer, in the same places were the foundation was. Then, the powder. I just close my eye and put it all over my eye lid and where the dark circles are. I also put a little bit of white powder on the dark circles and the "pointy" part of my eye.

Now mascara, of course!

This is my favorite mascara. It is awesome! It makes your lashes super long, hardly clumps, and it doesn't stick your eyelashes together! (Which I HATE.) And best of all, you can get this for only 7-8 dollars at Bimart!

 Here's after mascara, foundation, concealer, and powder are on.

Got a problem with holding your makeup? It's easy! There's so many things you can buy/make, just look online or on pinterest. I use a little plastic set of drawers. They work perfectly!

Lip gloss/lipstick drawer

Brushes, mascara/eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, and powder drawer.


  1. I need to try that I always have a problem with my mascara clumping and it is really annoying. I like the make-up box you have I should try it out.


  2. I hate it when mascara clumps! You should try out my brand, I love it! It's Maybellin Lash Stilleto, you can get it for around 7 dollars at Bi-mart.

  3. That was awesome....
    Now if I can find a good any tips? :)

  4. I've heard really good reviews about Maybelline's Fit Me concealer. It's around 7 dollars at Freddys, 6 dollars at Target.