Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's been a loooonnnnngggg time...

Whew! I haven't actually had a large post on here for weeks! I've been super busy. Who isn't in summer?!?! I guess I'll do.....uhhh..... a makeup update! Here's the makeup I've tried recently:

  I got this, un-used, at a garage sale, for only 3 dollars! And I love it! It's perfect for smoky eye. Or my version of the smoky eye, which is applying one shade, than eventually having that shade turn into something else. I don't do eyeliner. You can get this for around 7 dollars at Fred Meyers. It's totally worth it!

     This is Wet n Wild "Walking on Eggshells." Really pretty colors! I normally use the shade labeled "eyelid." It's beautiful! I don't remember the price, but it was around 3-5 dollars at Fred Meyer. (Can you tell I like Fred Meyer?!?)

Maybelline "Smoky Kohl Eye Liner." Really good kohl eye liner.

Covergirl "Invisible Concealer." I just got this, and I've only tried it once. It's ok. I guess. I would probably buy this again, because it's a good price, and it's ok. It's at Fred Meyers for 4-5 dollars.

  Andrea Eye Q's Makeup Remover Pads, oil free. I really need some more makeup remover wipes, and I saw these, so I decided to try them. They work really well! I am totally going to get these next time I go to the store! They're at Fred Meyers (of course!) for 4 or 5 dollars. They're small and very thin, but they work extremely well. Plus, there's 65 in one container!

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  1. I have something really similar by Wet'n''s awesome! :). I'll have to try out the eye makeup remover pads. those seem nice! :)