Sunday, June 9, 2013

Makeup Update! Kind of...

Ok, so I'm sure everybody reading this blog knows the brand of makeup "wet n' wild". They're one of the cheaper brands, but ok quality. But I never thought there 99 cent lipstick would be so awesome! The only thing about these lipsticks is at the bottom, (where it says the name/number of the lipstick) the color is very different, so watch out.

This is "Light Berry Frost", # 505A I wore it today, and I love it!! It stays on forever! And it's only 99 cents! The only thing with this lipstick is, it's really bright. But, there's a simple solution to that: just tone it down with a lighter lipstick. I use my Maybelline 720 Pearly Pink lipstick on top of it, and it turns into a beautiful color.

This is "Nouveau Pink", #511B. It's also a great color, but bright, so I just tone it down with other lipstick colors.


  1. I love that lip stick :)I have one and it rocks

  2. Is the Maybelline lipstick shimmery? :)