Saturday, July 6, 2013

Makeup Tip of the Week

I've decided to start a "Makeup Tip of the Week". Once (or twice) a week, I'll put up a nice makeup tip, such as: use lipstick for blush, and so on. I'm doing two right now, because I'll be gone basically all of next week, and I have no idea when I might have the chance to get on the computer. Anyways, here's the two makeup/health/beauty tips of the week!

* Tired of buying super expensive eyeshadow primer? Use chapstick as primer! It works great, you don't have to buy any more expensive primer, and it gives the eyeshadow a better color!

* Short, tiny lashes? Got a old mascara wand and tube hanging around? And some castor oil? Clean the wand and tube, and fill the tube with castor oil, and apply castor oil on eyelashes, once a day, for a week or two, and BAM! Long, thick eyelashes!

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