Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Giveaway!

Who doesn't love a giveaway?!?! That's why I'm doing one. It will include:

* One CoverGirl single eyeshadow, color "Golden Sunset"

* One Flower Bobby-pin

* One Bird's Nest Necklace (hand-made by yours truly, me!)

* One Lips Smacker's Clear Lip Gloss

And all of that will come in this nice little bag. (Shown below.)

All there is left is, well, what most people would probably think, "what do I have to do to win the giveaway?" I haven't quite figured that out yet.... Whoever answers the most questions (correctly!) out of this simple quiz about me, will win the giveaway! And Autumn, if you are reading this, you can't do the giveaway, 'cause you'll probably know the answers to all the questions ;) Please email me your answers at: , so nobody cheats. The giveaway lasts until July 14th.

All About Me Quiz:

1. What's my favorite color?

2. What are two of my favorite animals?

3. What is something I love to do? (This has several different answers)

4. How many blogs do I have? (Including this one.)

5. Which instrument do I play?

 1a: The piano
 2a: The violin
 3a: None
 4a: None of the above

Thanks!!! And good luck!

1 comment:

  1. 1. your favorite color is blue I think.
    2.your two favorite animals are 1 rabbits/bunnys and two puppys I think.
    3. DIY stuff and soccer and taking photos.
    4. you have 3 blogs including this one.
    5. you play the Piano.

    I think that is right